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Stallion Encore is a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Company with a close-knit team of passionately creative heads & minds.
With this enthusiastic team, we take care of your brand like it’s ours, with all the core services essential to promote it in the Digital world & of it too.


You never know what your presence on Social Media can bring you unless you are presenting yourself/your product right.

Branding Setup

Without a logo, your business has no face! Without a business card, you don’t represent yourself as a business owner.

Public Relation (PR)

Powerful Public Relations has the ability to make or break a brand. Advertising is saying you are good, But PR is getting someone else to say “You are good!”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Only SMM is not enough, if you want to grow globally, you need to start locally; Because, Effective SEO, brings Quality leads.

Website U/I

We believe in a collaborative partnership where we work with you and your brand to create the perfect solution.

App Development

Development and Design – every solution needs a conceptual design that the further work will be based on.