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Stallion Encore was started as a full fledged Company, established in 2018, located in Andheri SakiNaka.

Our Founder- Vritvi Nanda Sawant, is one-hell of a crazy Stallion Head – Full of Ideas & Strategies. Highly qualified girl, who learned and carved a path for herself. Alonside building a team, inspires a lot of others young enterprenaurs to believe in their dreams , biding Good-byes to societal pressures & set pattern.

Single-handedly, creating something out of scratch, that wasn’t an easy task, to heading a team of 10-12, presently has been quiet a journey. But as she believes, has miles to go.


We believe in a collaborative partnership where we work with you to create the perfect solution


Our energy is focus in inspiring projects, activation campaigns and influence strategies


Development – every solution needs a conceptual design that the further work will be based on.


We help businesses to stay relevant to their customers in the digital era by touching hearts and minds.

Once I came across her, I felt calm and very comfortable with Di as she is a person who guided me for a better outcome of my own by motivating me and made me confident about my dos and don’t.

Priya M Jain. Graphologist- Handwriting and Signature Analyst

Vritvi was the one who taught me the importance of branding my product. Today Preach What You Eat is a name in the nutrition industry & is reaching heights!

Ashwini Gupta Founder-Preach What you Eat.

"We loved working with the Stallion heads! The vibes are amazing with these guys around. They Understand the Brand & work accordingly."

Omkaraii Hospital CEO, Omkaraii Hospital

"Our brand was just a thought which was given a face, a name & made it big by Stallion Encore Team. We recommend this energy to everyone we meet."

Miss Sudha Co-Founder-Threads & Tassels

"Stallion is one place where work is considered to be a priority & not just a task to be completed." Thanks to Vritvi & the team of Stallion Encore".

Satinder Anand Founder Sr Skin Remedy

Our team is here

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We create human experience in a digital world


97% Percent of users recommend us to friends and family


Cups of coffee that keeps us going to deliver the best


75% of Referred Clients shifted to us recently


We aspire for more and more happier clients each day